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  • Risk assessment to ensure next to none downtime
  • Insurance cover to protect your assets
  • Ability to provide a cost effective solution within budget
  • IT Support & Liaison service, including after care
  • Excellent reputation for providing support during corporate moves

Corporate Moves

Your organization is excelling in growth and requires minimal downtime. This is where we can carry out an effective relocation with very little or next to none downtime, after all your decision to move or expand the company premises should produce a sound return on investment not any loss due to lack of strategy. You will be visited by a surveyor and then a consultant who will relay information to management. Management will organise a team meeting and discuss the situation with your move coordinator. Our move coordinators are fully aware of the day to day operations of the corporate ladder and are competent enough to advise and prepare a full action plan strategy.

Think of our move coordinators as project managers, they are aware of the budget and can effectively allocate the correct staff and equipment to the right departments, ensuring the organisation of the move is carried out efficiently. A blueprint is usually mapped for the vicinity and office sectors with staff details and their belongings along with your company's assets, such as desktop computers and telephone equipment. These details are labeled and logged for cross reference with the new blueprint for the new premises. After the sign off and completion we hand you these details or we dispose of the blueprints and any sensitive data in accordance with data protection.

During the move we supply industry standard plastic crates that make the relocation process more cost effective and reduces the risk of damages occuring in transit. The crates are also ideal as they are designed to be stackable, allowing room for more space so that the office environment will have some functional space left over to continue day to day tasks if needed, although most corporate moves occur during a weekend or a planned holiday period.

We have fully trained IT specialists who are more than capable to ensure your network is up and running again, with minimal downtime to daily operations providing you have your Broadband and SIP Trunk or Telephone lines that are active, we can ensure that the network is up.

We do provide an aftercare solution where our IT support can iron out any issues that may occur working in liaison, with your own IT department or in some cases we provide full on support for those who do not have an IT department.

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